3 Seattle Seahawks free agents likely gone in 2024 (and 2 who will be back)

Seattle has tough roster decisions to make and not a lot of money to help form those decisions.
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Seattle will likely bring back tight end Colby Parkinson

I do not have Noah Fant on this list, but I don't think the Seahawks re-sign him. And if I was Fant, I probably wouldn't want to re-sign with the Seahawks. Maybe the new offensive coordinator will get better use out of Seattle's tight end group than Shane Waldron did, but there is no guarantee of that. Fant should go elsewhere and have a chance to catch more passes.

The reason I bring up Fant in the Parkinson part of the article is that I think Parkinson is a lot more unknown around the league than Fant. He won't be in as high of demand as Fant. But the Seahawks need to bring back a tight end who can catch and run and Parkinson can do that. Will Dissly is much more of a blocker right now than a receiver which should mean Parkinson sees a career-high in targets in 2024.

Seahawks will probably lose guard Damien Lewis

Lewis has arguably been the Seahawks' best offensive lineman over the past three years. He started his career four years ago as a right guard and was solid, but then Seattle flipped him to the left side and he's maintained a relatively high level of play. Keeping Lewis would be a good thing, too, for Seattle as they really do not have a player ready to take his spot, at least not one who Seattle can be pretty sure is going to be close to Lewis' quality.

According to Spotrac, Lewis is expected to get a contract that pays him nearly $8 million a year. That is not awful, and there are many guards who get paid a lot more. But Seattle simply might not have that kind of cash. Losing Lewis will hurt in the short term, but Seattle should be able to draft his replacement in 2024.

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