Seattle Seahawks go full Kate Middleton on Day 1 of 2024 free agency

Seattle might wait to make their splashy signings.

Steph Chambers/GettyImages

As it turns out, the trend of the Seattle Seahawks not doing much during the early days of free agency (other than surprisingly being aggressive in 2023) had nothing to do with Pete Carroll. That must have been general manager John Schneider's plan all along. Ever since the early 2010s, 12s have mostly waited...and waited (and then waited some more) for their favorite team to do much of anything in terms of signing players.

But to be honest, that offseason game-planning has mostly worked. Much like Kate Middleton has been missing since...well, whenever, Seattle is usually missing on the first couple of days every year in free-agent signing splashes. But the truth is, Kate Middleton is probably OK. And the Seahawks will be too.

In fact, instead of overspending on any one or two players, Seattle and Schneider trust their process to build the team around a quantity of quality. Maybe the team does not sign those most-talked-about names in any free agency period, but Seattle still seems to find players who can help the team. At least, overall since 2010, that is.

Seattle Seahawks will be just fine without being overly aggressive

In 2023, the Seahawks were much more aggressive than normal and signed Dre'Mont Jones. Maybe that was a mistake as Jones certainly was not that good in 2023. He had just 4.5 sacks and 5 tackles for loss this past year, both his lows since his rookie season of 2019. The hope is that new head coach Mike Macdonald can get better production out of Jones moving forward, but there is also just as much chance that the Seahawks overpaid for Jones.

But don't fret, 12s. Schneider has proven he knows what he is doing. The Seahawks have been far too successful, compared to most other NFL teams, in the last 14 years. By the time next season begins, Seattle should be fine.

Plus, Schneider will likely have found some free-agent gems to sign (at least tight end Noah Fant re-signed with Seattle). Either that or the team is doomed in 2024. But let's hope for the former.

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