Seattle Seahawks grab former Devon Witherspoon teammate in recent mock draft

Seattle will get needed interior defensive line help in Pro Football Network mock draft.
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For all the hate that the Seattle Seahawks got for not improving this offseason their defensive line for the 2023 season, the interior of the Seattle defensive line has been pretty darn good so far this year. While Seattle's defense has been far from perfect, there has been more of an issue with not getting consistent pressure from the edge rushers and the secondary underperforming per preseason expectations. Remember people saying this year we could see the LOB 2.0? Yeah, that's not a thing right now.

But Jarran Reed has been excellent as the nose guard. Defensive end Mario Edwards, Jr. has been fantastic against the run as expected, but much better in the pass rush than Seattle hoped. Dre'Mont Jones hasn't completely balled out yet, but he's been double-teamed a bit more than Reed and Edwards.

Still, if Reed or Edwards or Jones get injured, Seattle would be hurting. Not that 2023 NFL draft choice Cam Young hasn't been solid in very limited time, but expecting him to make a huge impact were he needed to play a bunch more snaps might be asking too much. Plus, moving forward, Seattle might need replacements for Edwards and Reed in a couple of years, at the latest.

Seattle Seahawks get a steal in 2024 NFL draft per Pro Football Network

That's where Pro Football Network's recent mock draft comes into play. According to writer Ian Valentino, Seattle is going to choose former Devon Witherspoon teammate and current Fithing Illini defensive tackle Jer'Zhan Newton in the 2024 NFL draft. If that's true, Seattle is going to get a steal in Newton. And to be fair, Valentino admits as much in his write-up:

"It’s likely a mistake to have the best defensive tackle prospect in a loaded class fall this far. Jer’Zhan Newton could go top-five next year at this rate, showing a tremendous first step and competitive level to finish through the whistle. The Seahawks would be getting a massive steal here."


Newton is 6'2" and 280 pounds with the capacity of gaining 20 more pounds of weight. He had 5.5 sacks in 2022 and has 2 through four games in 2023. Plus, Newton had 14 tackles-for-loss last year and has 3 so far this season. He is quick and athletic and has the size to compete right away in the NFL.

The truth is, Newton will likely long be gone before Seattle has a chance to take him in next year's draft. We don't yet know where the Seahawks will choose in the draft, but it will probably be in the second half of the first round. Newton will likely be a top-ten pick. Still, one can dream.

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