Seattle Seahawks grades vs. Panthers in Week 3 are two-halves of the same game

  • Offense showed up in the first half
  • Defense improved in the second half
  • The special teams was just...special
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The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Carolina Panthers in Week 3 37-27 in a game that wasn't really as close as it seemed by the end. Seattle led 37-20 at one point in the fourth quarter and there was no chance Carolina was going to catch up. A late touchdown didn't change that.

We learned a few things in Week 3. One was that Seattle made some good decisions when it came to choosing who to keep on the 53-man roster. With all the injuries Seattle has had - and to be honest, at least half the other NFL teams through two weeks - the Seahawks have had to rely on players who weren't expected to be starters. Heck, we've seen more Stone Forsythe and Jake Curhan at offensive tackle through three weeks than we have original starters Charles Cross and Abraham Lucas.

Seattle's bye week is just one more week away so while Seattle hasn't looked fantastic at times in the first three games, they might look even better after Week 5 as Seattle will be getting a lot of quality players back. Jamal Adams, for instance, should be good to go when Seattle plays the New York Giants on Monday Night Football in Week 4.

Seattle Seahawks grades from Week 3 against the Carolina Panthers

Seattle might also get Riq Woolen back against the Giants. Going 3-1 after losing in horrible fashion in Week 1 could be monumental if Seattle is actually making another run at the playoffs this year. Getting high-quality healthy players back should help.

And the Giants might still be without Saquon Barkley. New York is already struggling. Seattle needs to put the proverbial down in Week 4. But before we get there, here are the grades from Week 3.