Seattle Seahawks inactives versus the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11

Seattle remains relatively healthy going into the last half of the season.
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The Seattle Seahawks have been relatively lucky with injuries so far in 2023. They did lose their best edge rusher, Uchenna Nwosu, to a season-ending pec injury, and the team has played without right tackle Abraham Lucas (knee) ever since Week 1, but every team goes through some kind of attrition. Seattle's hardest-hit unit has been the offensive line, but even that group is beginning to get a little healthier.

Still, Jamal Adams is a surprise inactive in Week 11 and that is not good. Maybe Seattle just didn't want to risk playing the safety in two games in the same week. One would assume Seattle is going to be a lot less aggressive, however.

While Abe Lucas was cleared to start practicing this week, he was always doubtful to play against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11. Plus, as Seattle has two games this week (Sunday and Thursday) playing Lucas on Sunday likely means he wouldn't be available in Week 12 against the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams are good, but the 49ers are better and Lucas is likely more needed against San Francisco than LA.

Of course, that was part of the problem for the Seahawks heading into Week 11. They might have risked playing all the guys who were on the injury report this week, but with two upcoming games so close together, they needed to weigh the risk with the long-term plan. For instance, special teamer Dareke Young has been struggling with an abdomen injury, but why play him against the Rams if it meant he could not play against the 49ers on Thanksgiving Day?

Who is inactive for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 11 against the Los Angeles Rams?

Receiver Tyler Lockett missed a couple of days of practice this week with a hamstring injury, but he has missed practice a number of times in previous weeks and always played. Lockett doesn't really need the practice. Just resting him during the week makes more sense.

The only other player who was a question was tight end Colby Parkinson who has been dealing with a biceps injury. But like Lockett, he has missed practices and still played.

Seahawks Week 11 inactives

  • Running back Kenny McIntosh
  • Safety Jamal Adams
  • Offensive lineman McClendon Curtis
  • Offensive lineman Raiqwon O'Neal
  • Receiver Dareke Young
  • Defensive lineman Myles Adams

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