Seattle Seahawks inactives list for Week 18 game against Arizona Cardinals

Seattle needs a win against Arizona to keep their playoff hopes alive.
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The Seattle Seahawks could have made it easier on themselves and defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 17 and then beaten the Arizona Cardinals in Week 18 and clinched a playoff spot. But 12s know how the season has gone so far and there have been so many ups and downs that expecting anything to be easy for Seattle and 12s would be expecting too much. Yet, still, Seattle has a chance to make the postseason. But will injuries get in their way?

In Seattle's final injury report for Week 18, four players were listed as out and they are listed among Seattle's inactives against the Cardinals. This includes right tackle Abraham Lucas (knee), defensive lineman Mario Edwards, Jr. (knee), right guard Phil Haynes (toe), and running back Kenny McIntosh (thumb). Lucas and Edwards will be the most missed from that list.

Lucas, when fully healthy (though he rarely has been this year), is one of Seattle's better offensive linemen. Stone Forsythe will likely take his snaps. Forsythe is a decent backup but definitely not a long-term-type starter in the NFL so let's hope he can hold up well for the last game of the regular season.

Inactives for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 18 versus the Arizona Cardinals

Edwards is good at setting an edge when playing the run. That is why Seattle signed him as a free agent last offseason. He was not able to play against the Steelers either. While Edwards is not a Pro Bowl-type player, he does certain things well, such as helping slow the other team's rushing attack.

Seattle will get back linebacker Jordyn Brooks, however. Let's hope he is playing near 100 percent instead of 80 because the Cardinals are going to run the ball a bunch and Brooks needs to be able to be aggressive. Brooks missed Week 17 as well.

Seahawks inactives for Week 18

  • Defensive tackle Jarran Reed
  • Right tackle Abe Lucas
  • Running back Kenny McIntosh
  • Defensive end Mario Edwards, Jr.
  • Linebacker Patrick O'Connell
  • Offensive lineman Jason Peters
  • Offensive lineman Raiqwon O'Neal

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