Three viable quarterback options for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1 of 2024

The Seattle Seahawks are going to have to answer who QB1 will be moving forward.
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One of the bigger questions surrounding this Seattle Seahawks team entering the 2023 regular season was whether or not Geno Smith could replicate the success he had in 2022. Although the numbers wouldn't back that up, he has been one of the bright spots of this team. Once again, this team has been plagued by poor run defense.

Throughout the downfall of this season, the Seahawks' rush defense has been one of the worst in the NFL. Early on, they found success. It was a large part of why they were finding success and even leading the NFC West at one point. The offense wasn't necessarily complimenting the strong defensive play. Rather, finding ways to score at key moments of the game in order to win.

However, when the offense got clicking, the defense regressed. To be fair, the Seahawks' defense has made key plays in the month of December. For example, Julian Love's huge two-interception game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 15 on Monday Night Football. Or, Dre'Mont Jones' game-sealing sack against the Tennessee Titans in Week 16.

But, when this season is all said and done, I think many will point to the poor defensive play as one of the key contributing factors to why the Seahawks didn't make the playoffs or made the playoffs and got eliminated early.

Seattle Seahawks offseason outlook: Addressing QB1

With all that said, it doesn't mean the Seahawks will not have questions surrounding the quarterback position. Structurally, they have an out from Geno Smith's contract after this season. The questions they will have to ask themselves if they decide to move off him is, who's his replacement?

Of course, early speculation will go to Drew Lock. He did re-sign with Seattle in the off-season and both Pete Carroll and John Schneider have kept no secrets about their belief in him. He was instrumental in keeping the season alive with a huge game-winning drive against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Others may point to the draft and be hopeful of Seattle landing a franchise quarterback in the 1st round. I suggest three options that make the most sense for this team moving forward. Each option reflects a different route. But, each option also presents obstacles along the way.