Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams screams weird outrage at doctor after concussion

Possibly the concussion caused Adams to not think straight, but his yelling at the medical personnel was very strange.
Sarah Stier/GettyImages

I feel for Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams. He doesn't want to get hurt as much as he does, but the fact remains that he does get injured a lot. After being out since Week 1 of the 2022 season, Adams returned on Monday to play against the New York Giants but after nine plays he was injured again.

This time, Jamal Adams suffered a concussion. He was injured while awkwardly lunging at New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Jones' knee hit Adams in the head. Adams' body seemed to shake and he was clearly not fully aware of his surroundings. He was obviously concussed and he needed to leave the game.

But then something unseen happened. Adams went to the medical tent and then came out of the tent and was screaming at the neurologist that checked him out. Adams had to be restrained by two people on the Seahawks staff and a member of the MetLife security crew also came over to make sure Adams wasn't getting any closer to the doctor.

Jamal Adams appears to greatly overreact to being injured in Seattle Seahawks Week 4 victory

My hope is that Jamal Adams was simply extremely frustrated by having to once again leave a game due to injury, especially as the injuries seem to happen so quickly in the games. Would this have been better handled by Adams had he been hurt in the fourth quarter? Who knows?

Either way, Adams shouting at the doctor who appeared to be the one to rightfully tell Adams he needed to leave the game for his own health is a bad look for the Seahawks safety.

After the game, head coach Pete Carroll did say Adams will be "fine" physically. Plus, the Seahawks have a bye week this weekend so Adams will have an extra week to recover. Adams seems to be a good person so his screaming at the doctor could just have been due to frustration or the concussion having an effect on his thinking, but he likely regrets his reaction today.

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