4 Seattle Seahawks living on borrowed time after free agency upheaval

These players might need to be worried about their spots on Seattle's depth chart.

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Safety Coby Bryant has no home

Coby Bryant is versatile enough to be given a chance to play different spots in the secondary, but he might not be good enough to actually get many reps at any one position. In his rookie season of 2022, he did start six games at slot corner, but he had no chance of keeping that spot after the Seahawks chose Devon Witherspoon in the 2024 draft. Instead, Bryant was moved back to safety where he struggled to find playing time.

Bryant also suffered a tow injury that kept him out of several games last season. This meant he was not able to get enough snaps at his new safety spot to evolve into a player the team could trust in 2024. Plus, even though Seattle released Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs, which could have opened up a chance for Bryant to stake a claim to be higher on the depth chart, the team signed Rayshawn Jenkins and K'Vonn Wallace which at best keeps Bryant buried to where he was last season.

Bryant does have value as a player because he can play multiple spots in a pinch, and that is likely to keep him employed in the league for some time, but he might not be anything more than a backup in Seattle. His worry should be in 2025 when Seattle could save $1.1 million by releasing him. That does not sound like a lot of money, but the Seahawks are already tight against the draft cap next offseason currently.

His passer rating allowed has not been awful in the NFL, but it's not been good enough to earn playing time. One glaring issue he had in 2023 was that he missed 15 percent of his tackle attempts. If Bryant masters the fundamentals, he might impress, but if he fails to get better at tackling, he's sunk.