4 Seattle Seahawks living on borrowed time after free agency upheaval

These players might need to be worried about their spots on Seattle's depth chart.

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Defensive tackle Cam Young might be in a worst spot than in 2023

Last offseason, one might have been as confused about what the Seahawks were doing with their defensive line as 12s might question what the team is doing with its offensive line this offseason. Seattle was going to play a 3-4 base but with no true nose guard. We did not learn that Jarran Reed was going to try to play the nose until training camp. But Young was taken in the 2023 draft and many might have thought he would be an instant starter at nose guard.

Young, though, did not get many changes in his rookie season. He played 201 defensive snaps, but 37 of those came in the final game of the season against the Arizona Cardinals. He did not grade overly poorly in any facet of his game, though he struggled with his tackling at times. To be fair, what Seahawk did not struggle with tackling at some point last season? Maybe with a new defensive coaching staff, Young can correct what his issue was and he can improve.

Young might have also safely and logically assumed he was going to get more reps in 2024. Instead, Seattle signed Johnathan Hankins in free agency which basically pushes Young to third-string even in Mike Macdonald's 4-3 front. Plus, Young's style will need to adapt to not be focused solely on stopping the run but also trying to get to the passer as well.

Young should be a year stronger and will be taught better technique under Macdonald. He could develop into a very solid defensive tackle in the league. But he first needs to prove he is worthy of getting many reps in real games.

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