Seattle Seahawks 7-round mock draft lands a generational talent and a local favorite

Seattle lands their quarterback of the future.

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The Seattle Seahawks hit big with their first pick, then take advantage of Lady Luck to maximize the rest of the draft in my second mock draft of the year. Yeah, there's no way this actually plays out, but stranger things have happened in the draft than this.

It takes a lot of skill to fill in the missing pieces of your team through the draft. A little luck never hurts, though. Maybe the Seahawks will have the same luck I did when the real 2024 draft kicks off on April 25th. The Hawks have a lot of needs to address, even more than when I initially ran this. That will become readily apparent when you look at the second round of my mock draft. But, I see a fairly simple way out of the corner into which I found myself painted. It was less tortuous than that sentence construction.

As with all the mock drafts I ran, I used the simulation on the Pro Football Focus site. Again, to run a full seven-round draft, you have to be a subscriber. Without a subscription, you can round a three-round draft. Subscribers can trade picks into the following year and trade players. That turned out to be an important point for this draft. Yes, there are probably dozens of other sites to run your own drafts. Go forth, and have fun. For now,

Seattle Seahawks hit the jackpot standing pat on day one

As you may have guessed from the accompanying photo, my fake AI John Schneider struck gold in the first round. Yes, I landed one of the few players in this draft who's been described as a generational talent. That would be Georgia tight end Brock Bowers. Go ahead, search "Brock Bowers generational". You'll get over 100,000 hits, and there's good reason for that. As quoted by J.C. Shelton for The Players Lounge site, Georgia coach Kirby Smart said, “Generational, I mean, I don’t know how to say it any other way."

PFF has Bowers ranked as the fifth overall prospect in the draft. The NFL Mock Draft Database - I'll just refer to it as the consensus board after this - rates Bowers as the ninth-highest prospect. As I mentioned in my first mock draft - you drooled all over that one, right - that site compiles 115 different big boards. That doesn't mean it's more accurate than PPF's rankings, or any other site. But it is an accurate reflection of the value across a broad range of draftniks.

So, why Brock Bowers? He won the John Mackey Award as the best collegiate tight end as a sophomore, then again last year in his junior season. He can line up in the slot or inline and has been an excellent blocker throughout his career. He missed some games with Georgia in 2023, one reason his draft stock has slipped a bit, from a consensus top-five to the top ten. But the 6'3" 243 lb Bowers can do it all. He even ran the ball 19 times for the Bulldogs, gaining over 10 yards per carry and five touchdowns. So, yeah, the Hawks would be thrilled if they stood pat in round one and still managed to draft this guy.