Seattle Seahawks 2024 7-round mock draft with a trade that makes Seahawks sizzle

Seattle changes the franchise's direction in this mock draft.

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With their final pick, Seattle selects...

Alright 12s, your long national nightmare is drawing to a close. Hey, don't blame me, blame Baltimore for taking that five-for-one deal. Time to close out my first mock draft of 2024 by jumping back to the offensive side of the ball. In case you missed it, both Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson are free agents. Will Dissly is a likely target for a cap-cut casualty as well. Cutting Dissly would clear nearly $7 million in cap space. With Tyler Mabry as the only other TE under contract, the Hawks need to either re-sign Fant or Parkinson or look to the draft.

I'm no expert, but I can tell you this much: a seventh-round draft pick would be much cheaper. So with the 233rd overall pick of the 2024 draft, I selected Tanner McLachlan of the Arizona Wildcats. The consensus board lists him 13th among tight ends, while PFF ranks him tenth. Draft Buzz sees him as the 11th-ranked tight end. The 6'5" 244lb redshirt senior ran a 4.61 40 which placed him third among all TE prospects.

The league's own draft site at ranks McLachland as the 7th-best performer at the combine and the 10th overall prospect. Over the past two seasons, when he stays in on pass protection, he's allowed a total of six pressures and one sack. Of his 55 targets this season, he made 45 catches and had zero drops. Yeah, I think the Seahawks could use a guy like that.

There you have it, 12s. We added two picks this year and two more next year. We got our quarterback of the future, added depth to both lines - including replacing both guards - and beefed up the pass rush. We filled gaps at linebacker and safety and added a tight end as well. Now we all know, just as with any draft, we'd be lucky if half of these players panned out. But they all address needs, and that's the name of the game. At least it is until the next draft. Spoiler alert- it looks a lot different.

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