3 must-see videos from Seahawks preseason win over Vikings

  • A monstrous defensive play
  • An absolute dart of a throw
  • A touchdown by a soon-to-be-known name
Seattle Seahawks, Jake Bobo
Seattle Seahawks, Jake Bobo / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages
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Drew Lock is a somewhat forgotten man, but is still a valuable asset in Seattle

Remember when the Seahawks traded Russell Wilson and, in return, received former second-round pick, Drew Lock? There were a good amount of people who thought Lock might end up being the guy to take over the starting position and could be developed into the passer this team needed going forward.

Geno Smith had other plans, and that's quite the understatement.

Still, Lock is more than worthy of a backup role in this league and should have a job for years to come. He's far too valuable as a backup and Seattle will be thankful for his services if something ever happens to Smith.

Thursday night, Lock showed us he still has that rifle arm and can make some of the tougher throws. Check out this touchdown from Lock to wide receiver Easop Winston Jr.

The throw couldn't have been better, as Lock threaded the needle between multiple defenders. It was a great play for Winston, too, who is battling for a roster spot with a couple of other guys.

Speaking of those other guys, let's talk about one of them next.