3 must-see videos from Seahawks preseason win over Vikings

  • A monstrous defensive play
  • An absolute dart of a throw
  • A touchdown by a soon-to-be-known name
Seattle Seahawks, Jake Bobo
Seattle Seahawks, Jake Bobo / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages
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The undrafted Jake Bobo made a statement against the Vikings

Seattle signed former UCLA wide receiver Jake Bobo as an undrafted free agent, this year, and not many people are giving him a shot to make this roster. After all, the receiving room is extremely deep in Seattle, so it's an uphill battle for anyone not firmly in the top four or five.

Bobo is a 6-foot-4 receiver with great size and the ability to move the chains. We recently identified Bobo as someone who could make a name for himself with more opportunity, and highlighted the fact that at UCLA, almost 80 percent of his catches went for first downs. That is a ridiculous number.

Thursday night, this catch not only went for a first down, but a touchdown, as Bobo runs a great route and takes this one for a score.

One of the football world's most respected draft gurus, Lance Zierlein of NFL Media, wrote this about Bobo in his 2023 draft profile:

"Bobo is a big slot receiver with below-average speed and agility to separate from coverage. His route running is very patchy, but he’s fairly tough and competitive when catching around traffic."

It sure looks like Bobo is already proving the experts wrong, here. Bobo not only lined up on the outside for this play, but ran a phenomenal route, leaving the defensive back in the dust on his way to a score. When it comes to route running and separation, Bobo certainly looked the part on this play, that's for sure.

He might have gone undrafted, but learn the name Jake Bobo. He's going to have a future in this league.