Seattle Seahawks News: Geno Smith, injuries, Devon Witherspoon and ManningCast

  • Geno Smith calms down
  • ManningCast reacts to Spoon's pick
  • Pete Carroll updates some injuries
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The Seattle Seahawks have turned what appeared to potentially be a lost season after a horrific Week 1 loss into a decent beginning to 2023. Seattle is 3-1 entering the team's bye week. Seattle currently sits in second place in the NFC West and is one of 10 tens with a 3-1 record or better entering Week 5.

Seattle has managed to have a winning record despite have an extremely banged-up offensive line and missing several cornerbacks at times. Seattle should get a lot of those players back in Week 6, though (more on that in just a minute). So maybe the remainder of the season will be even better?

Seattle still has its struggles, though. Maybe some of this is due to the amount of injuries at certain positions. Or maybe Seattle just isn't ready to be great...yet. But here is some news for your Wednesday.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith rethinks and calms down

In Week 4 against the New York Giants, Geno Smith was flushed from the pocket and running toward the sidelines when he was caught from behind and taken down. The tackle by Giants safety Isaiah Simmons began inbounds but Simmons continued holding onto Smith as the two went out of bounds and then Simmons twisted his body and landed on the back of Smith's legs. The tackle caused Smith to come up limping a bit and eventually he would leave the field for the rest of the first half.

The play didn't draw a flag, but the tackle looked dirty. For a player who has tackled people all his life, Simmons should have known that twisting his body meant he would land on Smith. Immediately after the game, Smith told ESPN's Lisa Salters that he thought the play was "dirty" and that kind of tackle has "no place in this sport." But later in the team's post-game press conference, Smith tempered his words and didn't want to go into detail about the play.

The best part of the play was that while Smith did have to leave the game for the remainder of the first half, he didn't suffer a long-term injury. He was able to come back in the second half so if there was a game this coming weekend, Smith would likely play. But thankfully for the Seahawks who have a pretty dinged-up team currently, they have a bye week. Any injury Smith might have suffered he can rest for a week or so.