Seattle Seahawks News: Riq Woolen, Will Dissly, Anthony Brown and Saquon Barkley

  • Seattle could get several injured players back in Week 4
  • Seattle works out a QB
  • Will the Giants be missing the best player against Seattle?
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Why do I have a non-Seahawk named in Seattle Seahawks news? Because Saquon Barkley is by far the best New York Giants offensive player and his playing could change the outcome of Week 4. Still, I always hope teams are healthy and players don't get hurt because if you beat a team you want to do so when they are at full strength.

The Seahawks play the New York football Giants on Monday Night Football in Week 4. The game will be held at whatever the Giants and Jets are calling their stadium currently. The bottom line is that Seattle has a road game coming up.

Ahead of the game, there will be news, of course. The NFL would be pretty boring if there wasn't news every second of every day, right? So here is some news for your Wednesday.

Seattle Seahawks work out quarterback Anthony Brown on Tuesday

So, why would Seattle think of signing another quarterback? Well, they might not be. But Seattle is one of the few teams that only has two quarterbacks on the roster along with their practice squad. Ever since Seattle released Holton Ahlers from the practice squad, Seattle has only had Geno Smith and Drew Lock. So far that's fine, as long as no one gets hurt.

Due to a new NFL rule for 2023, teams can have three quarterbacks on their sidelines during games and QB3 wouldn't count against active players on game days. Whoever the QB3 is can only play, unless they are actually on the active roster, if QB1 and QB2 get hurt. That's really bad when that happens but it does occur from time to time.

The Seahawks took a look at Anthony Brown on Tuesday. Brown played for the Baltimore Ravens in a couple of games in 2022 after being undrafted out of Oregon. Brown even started for the Ravens in the last game of last year and he was 19 of 44 for 286 yards and 2 interceptions (he was released from the Ravens practice squad on September 4). So, no. He isn't going to replace Geno Smith or Drew Lock but if Seattle chooses to sign him to the practice squad, at least he's got some experience.