5 Seattle Seahawks players with the most to prove in 2024 season

These players need to prove they should be with the team past this coming season.
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The start of the 2024 Seattle Seahawks season is only four months away. In fact, the offseason is now more than half over. We are closer to Seattle playing real games again than we are removed from last season.

Seattle has undergone quite a changeover this offseason, too. The coaching staff is new and several starters will be new to the team as well. Seattle's roster was already good enough to be near playoff quality, so maybe the changes will be the nudge the team needs to get back to the postseason.

Many Seahawks veterans need to prove to the new coaching staff they are worthy of starting or getting extensive reps. If the players don't show they can do that then they may not be with the team in 2025. If all the following players have excellent seasons, though, Seattle could be a dangerous postseason team.

Five Seattle Seahawks who need to prove they belong on the team past 2024

Cornerback Riq Woolen

One might wonder if Woolen's overall poor play in 2023 stemmed from him hurting his leg during minicamp before the season. The cornerback was a Pro Bowler in his rookie season of 2022 after all, and he excelled in coverage but also did not seemingly mind putting a hard hit on a ball carrier. That changed last year when Woolen was far less physical in pass coverage and horrible at setting an edge against the run. Many times he clearly did not want to.

That won't be an option if he wants to play under Mike Macdonald. Pete Carroll was a great coach for many years but he was also too lenient both off the field and on it. He might have held his players accountable in the locker room more than in public, but that also did not appear to be true.

Sure, Woolen did get benched late in 2023, but for only one game. This might have been meant to send a message but more than a message needed to be made. Woolen needed to be replaced because he was hurting the team. He has the physical skills to be great, though, and he needs to show the new coaching staff he can be as good as he was in 2022.