4 Seattle Seahawks players who are poised to step into a bigger role in 2024

These four players should be part of the core for next season's success.
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RB Zach Charbonnet

The winds of change are blowing through the Seattle Seahawks as new head coach Mike Macdonald takes the helm, leaving a cloud of uncertainty hovering over the team. The players, accustomed to the coaching style of Pete Carroll, now face the challenge of adapting to Macdonald's approach. One player who could find himself in a favorable position amid these changes is running back Zach Charbonnet. As the Seahawks' running game undergoes potential transformations, the dynamic between Charbonnet and Ken Walker III becomes a focal point.

Change is often accompanied by uncertainty, and this rings true for the Seattle Seahawks as they embark on a new era under Mike Macdonald. The players, who were accustomed to the coaching philosophy of Pete Carroll, now face the challenge of adapting to a different vision. The extent to which Macdonald will implement sweeping changes remains to be seen, leaving players on edge as they await clarity on their roles and the team's overall direction.

Running back Zach Charbonnet, drafted under Pete Carroll's regime last year, finds himself at an interesting juncture. Despite being a product of Carroll's vision for the running back room, Charbonnet might benefit from Macdonald's potential hesitancy to make drastic changes in one of football's most vulnerable positions. Macdonald's history with an organization that utilized multiple running backs in different game situations hints at a potential strategy shift, providing an opportunity for Charbonnet to showcase his skills in various roles.

Mike Macdonald's previous coaching experience with an organization known for utilizing different running backs strategically suggests a potential shift in the Seahawks' approach to their backfield. The pairing of Charbonnet and Ken Walker III becomes intriguing, as Macdonald may opt to deploy each back in specific situations, maximizing their strengths and keeping opposing defenses on their toes.

As the Seattle Seahawks transition into the Mike Macdonald era, uncertainty hangs in the air for players unsure of their roles in the evolving team dynamics. For running backs Zach Charbonnet and Ken Walker III, the potential changes in the team's approach to the backfield present both challenges and opportunities. The unfolding offseason will reveal how Macdonald plans to leave his imprint on the team, and players must remain adaptable in the face of this uncertain but promising future.