4 Seattle Seahawks players who are poised to step into a bigger role in 2024

These four players should be part of the core for next season's success.

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S Julian Love

The winds of change are blowing through the Seattle Seahawks organization as they usher in a new era with the hiring of defensive guru Mike Macdonald, former defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. With a reputation for transforming defensive units, Macdonald's arrival brings renewed hope for a Seahawks defense that has struggled in recent years. As the team braces for the departure of safety Jamal Adams, the spotlight now turns to Julian Love, who is poised to take on added responsibilities under Macdonald's guidance.

The decision to bring in Mike Macdonald speaks volumes about the Seahawks' commitment to addressing their defensive shortcomings. Known for his strategic acumen and ability to mold formidable defensive units, Macdonald arrives in Seattle with the task of revamping a defense that has faced its fair share of challenges in recent seasons. Seahawks fans can anticipate a fresh approach and renewed emphasis on defensive prowess with Macdonald at the helm.

As the departure of safety Jamal Adams looms, all eyes are on Julian Love, a player who showcased his defensive prowess in the previous season. Love's versatility and ability to read the game make him a prime candidate to take on added responsibilities in the secondary. Under the tutelage of Mike Macdonald, Love has the opportunity to further develop into a key playmaker for the Seahawks' defense.

The impending departure of Jamal Adams marks a significant shift in the Seahawks' defensive landscape. While Adams brought a dynamic presence to the secondary, the team's cap constraints have forced difficult decisions. With Adams likely to find a new home, the responsibility to anchor the secondary falls on the shoulders of the emerging Julian Love.

Mike Macdonald's defensive philosophy is expected to shape the Seahawks' identity on that side of the ball. Whether it's aggressive pass rushing, disciplined coverage, or strategic play calling, Macdonald's influence is anticipated to be far-reaching. As he works to instill his vision, players like Julian Love will play a pivotal role in bringing that vision to life on the field.