4 Seattle Seahawks players who shouldn't be back next year (but probably will be)

These players could have their deal re-worked.

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Seahawks will probably have Darrell Taylor return

Darrell Taylor is a restricted free agent who can be signed elsewhere and if the Seahawks put a tender on him then Seattle would get a draft pick back for Taylor. That is the best-case scenario when it comes to the edge rusher. If the Seahawks do place a tender on Taylor, because of his potential to get to opposing quarterbacks some team might choose to sign him. But any team interested might look at Taylor's inconsistency and inability to stop the run and say, "No, thanks."

Taylor doesn't seem to work hard enough to get better against the run either. He appears to be happy just trying to chase down quarterbacks with the moves he already has. The issue is that Taylor should have worked on developing more pass rush moves and improving his overall game. Maybe he is simply getting advice from someone saying he will get paid by attacking quarterbacks and doesn't need to worry about the other stuff. That would be bad advice.

Taylor had 9.5 sacks in 2022. But NFL teams do their due diligence and look what's underneath the numbers. Yes, Taylor's sack number was good, but he was extremely inconsistent. In 2023, Taylor had just 5.5 sacks while getting more snaps. Teams are going to notice that, too.

Giving up on a player like Taylor who has his pass rush potential is tough. But the Seahawks have learned that in most plays he is on the field he isn't really going to help the team. He gets run over when teams run the ball and he will go stretches without quarterbacks pressures. But because he is a restricted free agent, he will probably be back in Seattle.