Seattle Seahawks podcast: Breaking down the trade deadline and previewing Week 9

  • Seattle makes a huge trade
  • What wil happen when Seattle plays Baltimore

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The Seattle Seahawks play the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9 of the 2023 season. Both teams lead their respective divisions and each team has just 2 losses. Seattle is 5-2 and Baltimore is 6-2.

The Ravens have a fantastic defense, as expected. Seattle's defense didn't start of great this year, but after getting healthier and certain rookies getting more acclimated, the defense has been much better. Still Seattle faces its toughest challenge in 2023 in Ravens' quarterback Lamar Jackson.

On this week's podcast, we discuss how the Seahawks managed to get to 5-2 after a stressful close victory over a Cleveland Browns team in Week 8. Cleveland was playing with a backup quarterback. What might Baltimore use against Seattle that Cleveland tried? We break that down.

Seattle Seahawks podcast: Can Seattle defeat Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in Week 9?

We also discuss a few non-Seahawks related things as well. For instance, how has tennis great Novak Djokovic separated himself from other players of his era? Is there a way Seattle can use Djokovic-type mentality to make themselves better prepared for the rest of the season?

Also, Todd Vandenberg discusses his top five guilty pleasure films. Does Ironweed make the cut? You will just have to tune in to find out.

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