Seattle Seahawks podcast: How Seattle is winning the offseason

How well is the Seahawks coaching staff coming together?

Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Having a boring day but still love the Seattle Seahawks? You have come to the perfect place! Sure, you could read all the words I have written here (at least 250 for best SEO, yo!; don't let those other sites lie to you!) and think, "Goodness, I didn't gather much from that article." And guess what? That is true!

You could skip down and click on "play" or, well...I guess the arrow button on the Spotify player thing below and skip all this silliness I am writing. You might miss a few tidbits of newsworthiness, however. (Here is a hint: You won't.)

Everything I am writing here, you already know. The Seahawks have hired a new head coach (Mike Macdonald), a new offensive coordinator (Ryan Grubb), a new defensive coordinator (Aden Durde), and a new special teams coordinator (Jay Harbaugh). What we have seen from the Seahawks in the last 14 seasons we most definitely will not see in 2024 and beyond. That includes a lot better tackling, I hope.

Seattle Seahawks podcast is better than the article you are reading

I promise the show is much better than this article. As I write this, we have not yet recorded the latest episode of the podcast. The episode might be awful and then you might be mad. Oh, wait. No, I take that back.

Even if the podcast itself is not up to our usual standards of mediocrity, the show will still be better than this article because what am I really giving you here? Nothing. In fact, I would likely be ashamed of what is being written but I am not.

And I will tell you why I am not. That is because I have far exceeded the 250 words needed for best SEO. Heck, even if the podcast is awful the article itself has managed to be somewhat of a success.

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