Seattle Seahawks podcast: The mess that Seattle finds itself in

Should the Seahawks make massive coaching changes after this season?

Tom Hauck/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks are currently 6-5 and just one game ahead of the Los Angeles Rams for second place in the NFC West. That could change after Week 13, however, as Seattle is struggling through a tough part of its schedule while the Rams are playing a bit better lately. Though maybe LA would be unbeaten if they had played Seattle in every game this season.

Hopefully, Seattle will do the unexpected and win two of its next three games. They will not be favored in any of them, though. They also are unlikely to be favored in Week 17 when they play the Pittsburgh Steelers. An 8-9 record seems just as likely as Seattle making a push for the playoffs.

There might be a positive way of looking at the Seahawks' downward spiral in the second half of 2023. Seattle was extremely unlikely to win the Super Bowl this year anyway. At least a poor end to this year means a higher first-round draft pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

We discuss coaching changes on this week's Seattle Seahawks podcast

No fan hopes to go into a season that their team is so bad that the following year's draft picks are better, but I can see no other way to spin Seattle's current slide.

But how to fix Seattle is a mystery. We discuss this on the podcast throwing out theories. Will they work? If you knew the answer, we likely would not be talking about how to fix the team and would actually be in positions to do it. Probably better for the Seahawks that we are not in those positions.

Also, what changes does Seattle need to make? Do the Seahawks need to make multiple coaching changes in hopes of making 2024 and beyond better? We discuss all that as well and we only hope you do not hate us by the end.

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