Seattle Seahawks: 3 potential landing spots for DK Metcalf in a trade

While the Seahawks are unlikely to trade DK Metcalf, most probably thought the same thing about Seattle trading Russell Wilson.
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Could the Seattle Seahawks trade DK Metcalf? Yeah, they could. Should the Seahawks trade DK Metcalf? Well, that's a completely different question, of course.

Most 12s, including me, didn't think the team would trade Russell Wilson, though at this point we are probably thankful Seattle did. Seattle would likely be an old team, playing out the final useless seasons of Russell Wilson's career and being slightly less than mediocre. Then, once Wilson retired, Seattle would probably face many years of being among the worst teams in the league.

Post-apocalyptic? Maybe more like post-Wilson. The latter would likely feel like the former to 12s.

DK Metcalf is much younger now than Wilson was when he was traded, obviously, but Metcalf also plays a far less important position than Wilson. And we might have seen some cracks in the relationship between Seattle and Metcalf recently. The 15-yard penalties are bad enough, but what's worse to me is that Metcalf hinted that he isn't really listening to the coaches when they talk to him about stopping the bad penalties.

3 potential trades for the Seattle Seahawks involving DK Metcalf

Metcalf told ESPN last week, "I'm not going to change the way I play." After Pete Carroll in a team meeting had put a list of players with the most penalties on a board - Metcalf being tied for the most - Metcalf said, "It was just a board to me."

Whether Metcalf is traded soon or in Seattle for the next 10 years, that kind of thing needs to be addressed by Pete Carroll. Rule number 1 with the Seahawks is a player doesn't speak badly about the team publicly. And Metcalf isn't bigger than the team.

And before I get a lot of social media hate about bringing up the idea of Metcalf being traded, here are a few things to note. One, I am not the only one talking about the possibility. I am just completing this exercise to show who might want Metcalf and what the Seahawks could get in return. Heck, one writer at our pals at Field Gulls recently bragged, "Especially since I was the first one (that I’m aware of) to advocate for trading DK Metcalf - way back on February 12th, 2021."

And the recent article was based on ESPN's Bill Barnwell speculating on what Metcalf can bring back in a trade.

But that's an odd brag, really. As The Beatles sang in "All You Need is Love," "There's nothing you can know that isn't known." NFL teams are always thinking of who potentially can be traded, signed, or released. That's kind of an NFL exec's job.

Also, do I think the Seahawks should trade Metcalf? No. Most of the time, Metcalf is a passionate player who does good things and he seems like a good guy off the field. But that said, Seattle has shown they are capable of trading anyone, and here are three possibilities involving a trade of DK Metcalf.