3 Seattle Seahawks we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

A fresh set of eyes should help Seattle's roster be better in 2024.

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The Seattle Seahawks need some fixing. Thankfully, they have hired head coach Mike Macdonald and he has been near-genius in leading the Baltimore Ravens defense the last two seasons. He should be able to get Seattle's defense to be better as well.

But Seattle also has roster decisions to make, and not just players to release to create cap room. Roster spots themselves are extremely valuable. Why keep a player, no matter his salary, if another player is capable of helping the team more?

Macdonald and his mostly new coaching staff will bring fresh eyes to Seattle's roster. Some players need to be cut or not re-signed who were on the 2023 roster. Three of those players are as follows.

Seattle Seahawks receiver Dee Eskridge

Eskridge was very likely a bust before 2023, but he had either been injured or ill-used in Seattle's offense. There was the hope with a little health that maybe he could be productive to some degree. But he started the season on a six-game suspension for a domestic issue and when he returned he could not do anything as a receiver yet again. But then something maddening happened. Seattle found Eskridge's one special skill.

That skill was that Eskridge was good at returning kickoffs. Against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 12 of 2023, he returned four kicks for 140 yards, an average of 35 yards a kick return. One return went for 66 yards. Finally, Seattle learned how the third-year player might help them in the future. But then, no.

The last game Eskridge would play this past season was against the 49ers and he came down with another injury. He was inactive for the four games after San Francisco and then simply did not play in the final two. In three years, Eskridge has 17 catches for 122 yards and has proven to be a huge miss in the second round of the 2021 NFL draft.