3 Seattle Seahawks should be massively motivated to play on Monday Football in Week 4

The 2-1 Seahawks play the 1-2 Giants in New Jersey on Monday.
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Seattle safety Jamal Adams

Finally, Seattle will get Jamal Adams back! At least, that is the expectation ahead of Monday's game. Adams has slowly worked his way back, going from not practicing to partially practicing to fully practicing and then reverting back to being a partial participant before going back to full again. Whew. The expectation shouldn't be that Adams plays a full game against the Giants, but maybe about 40 percent of the snaps.

How Adams will be used in the Seattle defensive scheme remains to be seen. He might be a hybrid safety/linebacker and used to attack opposing quarterbacks. One thing he will need to control against the Giants is being so hyped up to help the team that he blows a coverage or two while trying to blitz.

But this is almost a perfect setting, other than playing his first game back at Lumen Field, for Adams to return. The game is in New York and Adams began his career with the Jets, of course. New York fans have been saying how much their team benefitted from the Jets trading Adams to Seattle in 2020. While it is true that the Jets got a lot of draft capital from the trade while Jamal Adams has been oft-injured with Seattle, Adams isn't done with the Seahawks so we can't fully talk about the value of the draft.

Adams returning to playing football and doing so in New York and on Monday Night Football is nearly perfect. Let's hope he shows the nation just how much of a great impact he can have on Seattle's defense.

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