Seattle Seahawks should steal these 4 Dallas Cowboys in 2024

Dallas will be facing some tough salary cap decisions in the next couple of years.

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No. 3 - Two Cowboys in massive trade

OK, this is where you might get upset at me (and maybe that is your normal state and I am fine with that), but the Seahawks need several pieces in which to greatly improve over their current state of mediocrity. Getting young Cowboys from Dallas will help Seattle long-term and help the Cowboys' cap room as young players eventually have to get paid. But here's the thing about this scenario: This trade won't help Dallas but might be one Jerry Jones simply cannot pass up.

Also, let me say I like DK Metcalf. He appears to be a good guy off the field. He just hasn't been quite productive enough to earn his paycheck. I do not even mean that as a slight to him. Perhaps the current Seahawks offense is simply not a good fit for Metcalf. Metcalf has surpassed 1,000 yards receiving in two of his four years, but just barely in 2022. For a player of his size and speed, he should easily exceed 1,000 yards every year. Last year he also had 6 touchdown passes and this year he has caught just 43 of his 80 targets.

Trading Metcalf to the Cowboys opens up cap space - his cap hit in 2024 is $24,500,000 and in 2025 is $29,500,000 - for Seattle while the trade would add young talent at positions of need. And Jerry Jones would likely do anything possible to help fit Metcalf's contract under the cap ceiling. Plus, Metcalf is a perfect fit for the Dallas offense.

So which players could Seattle get from Dallas? One would be Markquese Bell. He is a hybrid linebacker/strong safety who is only 24 years old but would go a long way toward helping the Seahawks' problem of giving up chunk plays in zone coverage over the middle of the field. The other player is defensive tackle Osa Odighizuwa. Odigihizuma is stout against the run and can supply interior pass rush and is only 25. Both Odighizuma and Bell are signed through 2024. (Seattle also might get some draft capital back in the trade as well.)

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