5 Seattle Seahawks whose stock soared after 2024 roster revamp

The Seahawks have made a bunch of offseason moves but these players should be happy with what Seattle has done.
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Olu Oluwatimi - Seahawks center

Seattle decided to go heavy in the trenches with draft picks in 2024, especially the offensive line. Seattle, though, chose nearly every spot around center but did not take a true center. This means they clearly have a lot of faith that Oluwatimi will be able to take over from the wreck that was Evan Brown and be an upgrade. Seattle signed Nick Harris for depth this offseason, but there should be no real argument he is going to start ahead of Oluwatimi.

In limited snaps in 2023, Oluwatimi was not bad, either. He was better in pass protection than Brown was and the former offensive coaching staff should have played Oluwatimi more. He was a rookie and should have been part of the future plan. Brown was only signed to a one-year deal and was not playing well. Hopefully, Oluwatimi will perform well early in 2024 and find his way toward being the long-term anchor for Seattle's offensive line.

Tyler Lockett - Seahawks wide receiver

Lockett might not be with the team past 2024 as he could choose to retire as a healthy person and devote his time to his real estate company. He would likely still make good money doing that line of work and he would not have 250-pound linebackers trying to crush him. When Lockett and the Seahawks re-worked his current deal this offseason that seemed to imply he would not be with Seattle after the coming season because his cap hit would simply be ridiculous.

Seattle could have simply released Lockett, though. Most 12s would not have wanted that. He is a great person and has been an excellent player. Every player has a shelf life, though. Still, that general manager John Schneider did not draft a receiver this year means he has no plans for Lockett to be any less involved in the offense than he has been.