4 teams Seattle Seahawks should be worried about in 2023

  • An AFC team?
  • Last year's NFC Champs
  • A pair of NFC hopefuls
Seattle Seahawks, Christian Mccaffrey
Seattle Seahawks, Christian Mccaffrey / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages
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Last year, the Seattle Seahawks shocked their fan base and the NFL world when they turned what was supposed to be a bottom-tier roster into a playoff team.

Geno Smith was the darling of the league last year as he earned every penny he made this offseason, proving that it's never too late for a breakout. Geno Smith now leads a star-studded offense with plenty of weapons in the passing game into a 2023 campaign that features much more hope than they had going into last year.

Defensively, Seattle has some studs, specifically in the secondary. They are certainly a team on the rise and look to continue their success this year. But, to do so, they'll have some teams standing in their way this coming season. We identify four teams the Seahawks should be worried about this season, beginning with a surprise.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers? An AFC team? Why on earth would we start out with such a curve ball? It's actually pretty simple. Looking at the Seahawks' schedule, they play the Steelers in Week 17, just before the season finale against Arizona.

The Steelers are playing in a tough division and it could be extremely tight at that point in the season. That game very well might end up deciding whether the Steelers or the Seahawks make it to the postseason. Both teams might have between 7-9 wins at that point, making it a highly pivotal game being played.

Sure, it's an out-of-conference game. But, this one is going to be an important one. Mark your calendars for Week 17, because there is a great chance this will be a deciding factor in Seattle's fate this season.