3 Seattle Seahawks we'd love to share Thanksgiving with

These people would be great guests during your Thanksgiving meal.

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Marshawn Lynch
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The most interesting man in the world: Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch seems to have a way of fitting in everywhere. He can be interviewing people on a golf course, or talking to the guys on the SmartLess podcast, or managing his Beast Mode product line. He is clever, funny, listens pretty well, and should enough good stories to las for about 100 Thanksgiving dinners.

Unlike Carroll and Lockett, Marshawn Lynch does not have to get ready for a football game soon after the meal is done. He can stay for as long as he wants to hang around. You will need to make sure he is happy with the cuisine, though. Sure, maybe have some skittles. But you will need to have some soul food, too. This is a guy who once bought his favorite restaurant, Scend’s Restaurant and Bar in Oakland, California, just so they would stay open.

Before Lynch arrives and spouts forth his wisdom, you might need to explain to other family members what Marshawn Lynch means by taking care of their chickens. They might be somewhat confused, especially if they do not actually own any of the birds themselves. But if they really listen to what Lynch has to say, they will have a better understanding of how to take care of their money.

But Marshawn Lynch does seem to be everywhere at once nowadays. Maybe you will just get one part of Lynch and the other Lynch's are exploring their own multiverses. Still, just be happy you have one version ejoying Thanksgiving with you.

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