Seattle Seahawks Week 3: The good news and the bad news of a big win at home

It isn't all good news, but it's darn close.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
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The Hawks can run the ball, and run the ball, and run the ball

After the Seahawks only got 82 yards rushing against the Lions, there was some concern about the running game in Seattle. It wasn't so much that there was doubt in Kenneth Walker III. It just seemed like he had to run a dozen yards to gain three on every play. A lot of that was ont he patchwork offensive line, sure. But a bit of that was on Walker, too. He seemed a bit hesitant at times, looking for holes that weren't there, or waiting for gaps to develop that were never going to appear.

He found those gaps against the Panthers. Okay, he still had to run a dozen yards at times to make three, but more often, he'd shift a couple of feet to make 12 yards. Or more. After being bottled up by his own coaching staff in the second half against the Rams, then a stout Lions rush defense, Walker exploded versus the Panthers. Whether he ran up the gut or sprinted around the end, K-9 was piling up the yards. He ran for 97 yards in all and scored twice. This was the Kenneth Walker was saw last season.

The good news for the running game didn't stop there, either. Remember how Pete Carroll kept telling us how hard Zach Charbonnet was running, how he was a real force? Remember how we kept waiting to see more than just a flash of that? Well, the wait is over, 12s. Charbonnet had nine carries, exactly half of Walker's, but he made the most of them. The Seahawks clearly trust him to produce, and did he ever? The rookie added 46 yards to the Hawks winning total, none sweeter than his longest run of the day. Panthers safety Sam Franklin will remember that hit when he's in his eighties.