Seattle Seahawks Week 3: The good news and the bad news of a big win at home

It isn't all good news, but it's darn close.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
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No running in the halls of Seattle, children

Remember ninth grade, 12s? You had to run from one class to the next, and manage to get to your locker to get your World History book for the calls after next because it was on the other end of the building? And there's always some jerk senior with bad skin and worse breath playing traffic cop, telling you there was no running in the halls? Man, hall monitors are the worst.

Well, they are unless they wear College Navy, Wolf Gray and Action Green. The Seahawks got their run defense into high gear Sunday, allowing just 44 yards on the ground. Consider that 11 of those yards came on Miles Sanders best run and another 10 on an Andy Dalton scramble. I mean, who knew the guy could walk, let alone run? That's it, those were the two big running plays for the Panthers. On the other 12 running plays, Carolina managed just 23 yards. That is outstanding football.

No one was more responsible for this performance than Jarran Reed. As the off-season drew closer to the preseason contests, there was more than a little worry about the Seahawks nose tackle position. As in, they didn't have one. Al Woods and Poona Ford were gone, Bryan Mone was injured, and Seattle didn't seem to be in the market for a free agent.

Then Pete Carroll announced they already had their guy, that Jarran Reed could not only fill the position but fill it well. Yeah, Pete, I guess you were right. Reed is not only stuffing the run, and eating blockers like popcorn, but he's getting to the quarterback, too. I'd say the return of Reed in itself is some pretty good news.