Seattle Seahawks Week 3: The good news and the bad news of a big win at home

It isn't all good news, but it's darn close.
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Special teams were more than special for the Seahawks

We already mentioned Jason Myers, but I really want to emphasize just how good the news is about him. Well, not just him but the kicking unit. His two misses last week were just as much on the long snapper as Myers. The snaps weren't bad, but they weren't the best, either.

No offense to Chris Stoll - especially since he locked his game down this week - but there's a reason we made sure to mention former Hawks long snapper Tyler Ott every once in a while. You never, and I mean never, heard his name called during a game. When the only time your name would be called is for a mistake, that's a good thing. So we appreciate the good news, not only from Myers but from Stoll as well.

Michael Dickson is the holder on those kicks, of course, so kudos to him as well. Other than those holds, he practically got the week off versus the Panthers as he only had to punt twice. He didn't do much on his punts, though. He just averaged 46. 5 yards and allowed returns of zero and minus three yards. Yeah, that's not much, just an easy day for Dickson. His value to this team cannot be overstated in any way, ever. And we saw great coverage by the punt team, obviously, with another highlight from Jerrick Reed II. This time it was a shoe-string tackle instead of a soul removal. But hey, a three-yard loss is still good.

Finally, let's talk about the Seahawks own return team. Running back Deejay Dallas is in the final year of his contract. When rookie Kenny McIntosh returns, Dallas may very well be the fourth man in the rotation. Dallas is playing like he has every intention of returning to Seattle next year. Or at least getting a sweet payday somewhere else. The way he's playing now, I'd love to see the Hawks bring him back.

Dallas is handling kick and punt returns, and doing a superb job of it. Yes, a few months ago I did write the Hawks made a big mistake in letting return specialist Godwin Igwebuike go in free agency. To be more specific, I said that I hoped they didn't get burned by the decision.

Happily, the only burning going on in Seattle is Deejay Dallas torching the other team. No, he hasn't broken a return for a touchdown, and I doubt that he will. Yes, it would be great if he does, but frankly, he doesn't need to. He averaged 27.5 yards on his two kickoff returns and an excellent 13.7 yards on his three punt returns. His best play by far was fielding a punt with two Panthers practically inside his jersey, yet still getting away for a solid return. Dallas energizes the team every time he touches the ball on these plays. And that, 12s, is very good news indeed.

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