3 Seattle Seahawks who have already earned new 2024 contracts

  • A running back who is versatile
  • An aging defender who is still among the league's best
  • An offensive lineman who needs to be around for five more years
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Linebacker Bobby Wagner

Maybe Bobby Wagner is too old? That was the thinking after the 2021 season when the Seahawks basically had to release Wagner or pay him $20 million for the 2022 season. But then Wagner signed with the Los Angeles Rams and he was a monster last year. He earned second-team All-Pro honors last year, the ninth-straight season Wagner has been named first- or second-team All-Pro.

Thankfully, the Rams thought maybe Wagner was too old to be good in 2023 and Wagner chose to re-sign with the Seahawks. And while he will be 34 years old when the 2024 season begins, Wagner just seems like a different breed of cat. He might have lost half a step but that is likely a couple of steps more than most linebackers ever have. Per Pro Football Focus, Wagner is the fourth-highest-graded linebacker in the league through Week 5.

Wagner is by far the highest-graded LB in run defense. His return is a massive reason why Seattle has gone from atrocious run defense last year to being one of the best in 2023. Wagner has never been great in coverage and he isn't fantastic at coverage this year, but when a team has Bobby Wagner the greatness he brings outweighs a bit of coverage concerns.

Wagner currently ranks eighth in combined tackles in the NFL but every player above him has played one more game than he has. The same goes for solo tackles where Wagner is 10th. Wagner's cap hit is a criminally low $5.5 million this year and due to his age that might not rise in 2024. But due to his leadership abilities and play on the field, Seattle must bring him back next year.

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