Seattle Seahawks are winning the offseason because of these five moves

Seattle is building an amazing coaching staff.
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Leslie Frazier- Assistant Head Coach

When Sean McVay got hired by the LA Rams, he needed to have a veteran defensive coordinator that would allow him to learn and develop, while still cooking up an explosive offense. Sean knew that too, and he was able to bring in legendary DC Wade Phillips to LA and they had immediate success. A similar setup here, with Macdonald bringing in an old mentor, Leslie Frazier.

While Frazier is not an OC who will take care of that side of the ball for Mac, he can be an invaluable piece to game management as well as management of a building and locker room. I will get to more of that in just a minute.

Leslie Frazier was a fantastic player on those legendary Bears defenses of the 80s before injuries brought him to the coaching world. An apprentice under Andy Reid in Philadelphia, Frazier has had tremendous success running defenses in Minnesota and Buffalo. While his head coaching stint in Minnesota wasn't fantastic, he can use those lessons learned to guide Macdonald in Seattle. 

I will love and appreciate everything that Pete Carroll did for the Seahawks franchise, forever. That being said, the combo of Frazier and Macdonald, whose mentor in Baltimore has always been a strong game manager with timeouts and challenges, should be a massive boost after the recklessness that Pete showed with those valuable commodities. I'm not sure if Frazier is looking for a head coaching opportunity in the future, but he's the perfect “old head” addition to the Seahawks franchise.