Seattle Seahawks are winning the offseason because of these five moves

Seattle is building an amazing coaching staff.
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Ryan Grubb - Offensive Coordinator 

In one of the most fascinating and hilarious hires we may ever see, the Seahawks landed arguably the brightest and most successful offensive minds in college football the past two seasons. Despite some pushback from Alabama, and maybe a personal favor to his mentor Kalen DeBoer, Seattle got their offensive guru in Ryan Grubb.

The 46-year-old signal caller helped lead the Washington Huskies to success they haven't seen in nearly 35 years. In his two years as offensive coordinator, the Huskies were 7th and 13th in the country in scoring offense, averaging nearly 38 points per game. The Huskies also went 25-3 during his time on Montlake.

While I believe the majority of fans and media have praised the hiring of Grubb, it does come with some legitimate questions. Grubb has never spent a second as a coach in the NFL, in fact, he's only been coaching D1 football since 2014. There's also the question of how Grubb's “college style” offense translates to Sunday's.

There really is no answer to his experience, but we also live in an era where we've seen young coaches or coordinators come in and succeed. Grubb is an offensive line coach at heart and understands the importance of protection, time, and balance. He believes in balance and being able to run the football at season's end is paramount. He also understands the value of a hot hand and riding the passing game when needed. 

Grubb has also proven to be as aggressive as anyone in the ranks. His Husky teams were at the top of the sport both seasons in throws over 20 yards, while also running play-action 30.7 percent of the time in 2023. The NFL has consistently proved that a team that can run a strong play-action will be one of the most explosive offenses in the league. That 30.7 percent clip would have been the highest PA rate in the NFL this season.

This is not the safest hire out there, but I believe unquestionably this hire has the highest potential in terms of offensive greatness. Will the addition of Grubb signal a potential QB who played at UW last year being drafted in Seattle? We'll have to wait and see.