Snoop Dogg reveals former Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's wish

Carroll reportedly wanted to go to the Chargers after Seattle let him go.
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Snoop Dogg and Pete Carroll have been friends for a long time. Directly before Carroll became the Seattle Seahawks head coach in 2010, he coached at USC and Snoop is a big fan of USC. Snoop Dogg is from Los Angeles, and Carroll is from California. The friend made sense.

And the two, it seems, remain friends. In fact, after Pete Carroll was removed as head coach of the Seahawks a couple of weeks ago, one of the first people to call Carroll was Snoop Dogg. According to FOX Sports, Snoop said Carroll's "spirits were high" and Carroll was already thinking about what might be his next coaching stop. Snoop also revealed that Carroll was really interested in moving from the Seahawks to the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Chargers, though, seem to not have any real interest in Pete Carroll. There have been several reports that Los Angeles wishes to chase Jim Harbaugh instead. The fact is that due to Carroll's age, he might simply be done coaching in the NFL. This would be a shame, of course, as Carroll has more energy than many people half his age, but that is also likely most NFL teams do not care about. They likely just see the number related to Carroll's age - 72 - and move on.

Pete Carroll wanted to go to the Chargers after leaving the Seahawks

Most 12s probably still want Carroll to do well. He was a nice guy and full of positivity. Some might have wanted him to no longer be the coach of the Seahawks, but that shouldn't mean we wish him ill-will the rest of his life. Most 12s likely still want Pete Carroll to be happy, as long as that does not come in the form of him coaching another team and that team defeats the Seahawks.

Snoop matter-of-factly told the media at a publicity event for his upcoming movie, The Underdoggs, "He wanted to go to the Chargers. That's what he wanted. But I don't know if they want him."

Any coach should want to go to the Chargers. The weather is great. Plus, and most importantly, Los Angeles has a good young quarterback in Justin Herbert. The Chargers have underperformed for the last couple of years, but a better coach than they have had should be able to turn them around fairly quickly.

Unfortunately for Pete Carroll, he does not appear to be that coach. Carroll likely will find himself to be a coach without a home.

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