Social media goes insane after Seattle Seahawks name Mike Macdonald as head coach

12s mostly approved of Seattle's move.
Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks have their first new head coach in 14 years, Mike Macdonald. To say this has excited the 12s is a gigantic understatement. Social media is blowing up with the buzz over the hire, and rightfully so.

John Schneider has just made the most important hire of his career. Yeah, I know he's been the final authority for the Seahawks for all of three weeks. However, if he got this hire right - and I believe he did - the Seahawks won't have to hire another head coach for, oh, 20 years or so. Mike Macdonald brings a fantastic resume to Seattle. At the oh-so-tender age of 37, he could be the Hawks leader for decades, if he chooses to.

Will he be good enough? The wonderful football Ouija board and Magic Eight-ball both reveal that we're in luck. All signs point to yes, as Lee Vowell wrote. Macdonald was a defensive assistant, then linebackers coach for the Ravens for seven years. He was the Michigan Wolverines' defensive coordinator in 2021, then returned to the Ravens as their DC for 2022 and 2023. The Wolverines' points allowed ranked 8th in the nation, out of 130 Division One schools. They ranked 95th before he took over. You know how nasty the Ravens' defense is. If you forgot, go back and watch the Hawks Week 9 game, if you can stomach it.

12s and media love the Seattle Seahawks choice for head coach

Okay, so we know Mike Macdonald is the right guy. Let's see what everyone else says. A quick trip through the land formerly known as Twitter shows a lot of love for this hire. We'll lead off with Cameron Wolfe of the NFL Network. After that, just soak up the love.

As Gregg Bell mentioned, yes, they got the guy who absolutely dominated the Niners. They didn't get past the Chiefs, but it wasn't the defense that only put up 10 points on the scoreboard. On to more reactions:

John Schneider is swinging for the fences, indeed. Macdonald's six-year deal speaks volumes about the process the Seahawks see moving forward as well. While Schneider, the Seahawks, and the 12s expect immediate improvement, the organization showed they see the long game here. I have zero doubt the Seahawks made the right move here.

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