Sparks will fly when these former Seahawks play Seattle in 2024

Seattle will face these former Seahawks this season.
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Some of their former players could play key roles versus the Seattle Seahawks in 2024. A few have starring roles while others may be backups. But as all 12s know, big plays can come at any time from any player.

The Seahawks won't be squaring off against either of a pair of the biggest names in franchise history in 2024. Bobby Wagner will no doubt rack up at least 160 tackles for the Commanders, but Washington isn't on Seattle's schedule this year. While Russell Wilson is a couple of years past his Hawks expiration date, he's no longer with the Broncos. Seattle isn't slated to face Pittsburgh until 2027. By then, Wilson will probably be selling supplements on his own streaming channel.

The Seahawks will be in some major battles against a few of their former players this year. None of these former Hawks have quite the star power of Wagner or Wilson, but they all could play key roles against Seattle. Whether it's a key block in the trenches or a shocking kickoff return, every player is capable of making that one play that changes the outcome of a contest.

Seattle Seahawks will face a revenge tour from these former players

Jordyn Brooks - Miami Dolphins - Week 3

The 12s won't have to wait long to see the best of the former Hawks. Brooks had a fine season last year in Seattle, and will likely be even better in Miami this year. He'll have had a full season and off-season on the books since his ACL injury that ended his 2022 campaign. The biggest reason the Hawks moved on from him was his relatively weak coverage skills. I say relatively because we all remember that outstanding pick-six against the 49ers in Week 12.

But that was the first and only interception of his career. His talents simply don't align that well with pass coverage. In Mike Macdonald's defensive scheme, linebackers have to be able to cover. As much as I like Brooks, it's hard to argue with the system that set an all-time NFL record. I like Brooks, but I'd rather have guys that fit the defense that led the league in fewest points, sacks, takeaways, point differential, and turnover margin. That being said, Brooks should shine with the Dolphins. He'll do his best to crush the Seahawks, and they better be ready.

Drew Lock - New York Giants - Week 5

There is certainly no shortage of Lock fans in Seattle. He should have ample time in New York to prove he's a starter, as Geno Smith has steadfastly maintained since Lock came to the Hawks in 2022. Daniel Jones is projected to be ready for the start of training camp this year, so that makes Lock's path to the starting role for the Giants a bit tougher.

However, we're talking about Daniel Jones here. He's missed a total of eight games with neck injuries and a couple more with ankle and hamstring injuries. That's all before tearing his ACL. He's only played 16 games once in five seasons. When he has played, he's been - let's be charitable and say less than stellar. He has a career TD-to-INT ratio of 62-40 and a career passer rating of 85.2. Drew Lock isn't exactly an All-Pro either, but was significantly better than Jones last year. I'd be very surprised if Lock doesn't start in Week 5 versus the Hawks.

Colby Parkinson - Los Angeles Rams - Weeks 9 and 18

Now we've moved on to the parade of the traitors who signed with division rivals. Yeah, relax, I'm kidding. All three of these guys were victims of the salary cap in Seattle. And a guy has to eat, no matter who offers him a job. Of the last three players, Parkinson is the one most likely to do serious damage to the Seahawks. The Rams are locked in with Tyler Higbee as their number 1 tight end. He's been targeted at least 60 times since 2019, and that's not likely to change. Their backups only totaled 18 targets in all.

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That being said, Parkinson is almost certainly their new number two TE on the roster. Los Angeles isn't paying him $3.5 million to sit. Davis Allen is a very good young player, but Parkinson is simply too good not to be thrown into the mix. As we saw in Seattle, he has a knack for coming through with big plays in the biggest moments, including a last-minute TD to beat the Titans last season. The Hawks need to be ready for Parkinson's moves, especially in the Rams' multiple looks on offense.

Evan Brown - Arizona Cardinals - Weeks 12 and 14

The first of two Hawks to join the desert chickens, Brown is competing for a starting role at left guard. While he probably has the advantage in that role, he could wind up as the Cardinals starting center. Brown started off hot with the Seahawks last season, but after the first few games, his play deteriorated significantly. While he has more experience at center, he may be better suited at guard.

Regardless of where he plays, Brown is likely to be fired up to face the Seahawks. On joining Arizona, he was quoted as saying, "I felt wanted and I am willing to contribute to the team in any way they see fit for me and help them win." While Brown lacks a bit in skill, he certainly doesn't take a back seat in his passion for the game. I'm sure Mssrs. Williams and Murphy will be happy to challenge him this year.

DeeJay Dallas - Cardinals - Weeks 12 and 14

Dallas is the type of player who may be quiet for several weeks, then blows up in one game and changes everything. James Connor will still be the starting RB for the Cards. They have a decent backup in Emari Demercado and added the explosive Trey Benson out of Florida State in the third round of the 2024 draft. Dallas will have a tough time cracking the lineup, even as a third-down specialist.

That's not exactly bad news for the Hawks' former fourth-round pick. He seemed to have found his calling on special teams over the past two seasons. Dallas returned punts and kicks in 2022 and 2023, improving his average in both last year. He didn't rip off any spectacular returns like Dee Eskridge, but with the change to the NFL kickoff rules, DeeJay Dallas could be that much more dangerous when he next sees his old pas on the Hawks.

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