Studs and duds from the Seattle Seahawks Week 11 loss versus the Rams

  • There were some studs for the Seahawks
  • Several players failed to step up

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
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The Seahawks needed a better game from these guys

I'll start with the coaching staff. Against the Commanders, we saw what could only be characterized as curious clock management at the end of the first half. We saw it again against the Rams, but this time, there was no second half to make amends. After Smith hit DK Metcalf to get the ball to the Rams' 39-yard line, the Hawks were ready to snap the ball with 25 seconds on the clock. As Smith said after the game, the comm system went out. As one reporter pointed out in the post-game presser, it seemed curious that his headset only went out on that play, and no other. Maybe Geno should have made a better call. I say the coaching staff should have made it clear before the drive started what to do there.

The coaches also need to take some heat for the play selection when Smith was forced out of the game and Drew Lock came on in relief. No, they didn't have Kenneth Walker III, as he was on the sidelines after an oblique injury in the first quarter. But Zach Charbonnet was still picking up some tough yards. He finished the game with 47 yards on 15 carries. So of course, with backup quarterback Lock in the game, Seattle called six passes on their next eight plays. That seems to be a curious time to air it out. On Lock's first play, the Hawks ran on second and 10, and Charbonnet only got a yard. On third and nine, they threw the ball. I get that. But one more run after that? This was not the best coaching job ever, as Brock Huard pointed out.

Time for the real dud of the game. Just before the Commanders game, I pointed out that while Geno Smith wasn't having a good year, there was no reason to assume that Drew Lock would be any better. Despite Smith's excellent performance against Washington, the Geno haters were still clamoring for Lock to take over. "All he needs is a chance", they bellowed. Before the loss to Los Angeles, our own Lee Vowell clearly showed there was no evidence that Lock would be better than Smith. As we both pointed out, Lock's 63 yards passing to that point was almost entirely due to Noah Fant's great run after the catch. Just 11 of his 63 yards were in the air.

Well geniuses, all your dreams came true. Lock got his chance again. This time he wasn't just bad; he was abysmal. He seems to have found the road map with the keys to the Seahawks offense, alright. The problem is, he's a terrible driver. Once again, Lock connected on just two of six passes. Once again, he missed open receivers. Oh, my bad, he actually connected on three passes. Unfortunately, the last was with Rams defensive back Derion Kendrick, who nabbed a badly underthrown pass intended for Tyler Lockett.

Yes, I was happy that the Hawks signed Lock as their backup at the start of the season. That may have been a bit delusional on my part. Mea culpa. But at least I didn't cite eyesight and brains as evidence that Lock was better. I didn't say that all Drew Lock needed was a chance to prove he could win. Well, he had two drives of his own and did nothing with them.

And there are still people saying Lock should start in place of Smith. For you, Geno Smith 63.7 QBR, 94.4 passer rating. Drew Lock 1.5 QBR, 2.8 passer rating. Lock was so bad that Smith came back into the game despite his elbow injury. Drew Lock was an absolute dud in this game. If Geno ever has to come out again, they better put in Brett Rypien. Or put Dee Eskridge in, or bring Jake Curhan back and have him play under center. You got your wish, guys. Hope you enjoyed it.

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