The all duds edition of studs and duds from the Seattle Seahawks Week 9 loss

Well, mostly duds. I actually found a few studs among a sea of duds. No, really, I did.
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This game revealed a secret dud

Yeah, on second thought, that would have been a terrible idea. The Ravens' pass rush would have eaten Lock alive. Almost as bad an idea as it was for a gentleman I'll call "Donnie Dipstick" to email me this comment after today's game: "How 'bout them Hawks? Which direction is DK moving?" Now, I'd include his name, except I'm quite certain that his friends and family already know what a complete idiot he is. So this incredible intellect decided that the issue with the Seahawks in this game was DK Metcalf. I mean, what?

DK Metcalf is the guy who accounted for one-third of Seattle's offense in this game. The same guy that played a major role in all four of Seattle's plays on their game-winning drive last week. The very same player who, despite that he had to be frustrated time and again versus the Ravens, kept his ego in check.

Yeah, you're right, "Donnie", DK Metcalf was absolutely moving in the wrong direction in this game. Buddy, if stupidity had any value, you'd be richer than Elon Musk. Although now that I think about it... Anyway, please share more of your scintillating thoughts. The world awaits your genius.

So, back to the important stuff. This game was so awful, that I'm not going to call out another player as a dud. Well, not specifically. The offensive line was atrocious. They couldn't run block, they couldn't pass block. The defensive line got zero push. That's one way to allow 515 yards, right? Getting back to Geno, he threw his sixth interception in the last four games. As Michael-Shawn Dugar tweeted - or Xd, whatever - Lockett said that pick was the result of a miscommunication on both their parts. See for yourself - and thanks for posting the clip!