The all duds edition of studs and duds from the Seattle Seahawks Week 9 loss

Well, mostly duds. I actually found a few studs among a sea of duds. No, really, I did.
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As promised, I found a few studs, even in this debacle

So miscommunication on both their parts. We've seen too much of that in these past four games. That simply has to be cleaned up. Much like Boye Mafe did again. The Seahawks certainly didn't have much to smile about after this game, but there were a couple of studs, nonetheless. Mafe had a sack for his sixth straight game, and this time forced a fumble which he recovered himself. Mafe finished with five tackles in addition to the Hawks' only sack. Obviously, in a game with so few, he stands out as a Seahawks stud.

The next player on my oh-so-short list of studs is Jaxon Smith-Njigba. The vast majority of 12s had faith that JSN would get his game going eventually, as did I. Don't worry, I'm not puffing myself up because I was right about Mafe and JSN. I remind myself every week that I thought Eddie Lacy would be great for the Seahawks.

As for the supremely talented rookie, this is the second time in three weeks he's led the Seahawks in receiving. And of course, he scored the winning touchdown last week. Smith-Njigba was easily the most successful of Seattle's receivers, snagging six of his seven targets. So of course, he's stud number two.

As for stud number three? Isn't it obvious, 12s? It's you. The millions of 12s that hung in till the oh-so-bitter end of this game are clearly the true studs of the Baltimore Breakdown. Take some solace in these facts, if you can. For one, the Ravens are a really good team. The Lions, at that point 5-1, came to Baltimore and got thrashed 38-6, and also gave up over 500 yards. And so far this season, the Seahawks have bounced back after a loss with at least two wins. I know it's hard but keep the faith, you stud, you.

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