Success of Packers receiver slap in the face to final years of Pete Carroll regime

Seattle made some iffy roster decisions over the last few years and one Green Bay receiver is an example of that.
Pete Carroll with the Seattle Seahawks
Pete Carroll with the Seattle Seahawks / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The end of the Pete Carroll regime was blemished by some bad personnel moves. While general manager John Schneider is firmly in charge of the Seattle Seahawks roster currently, he wasn't when Carroll was with the team. That was never part of the deal.

In fact, when Carroll was hired in 2010, he was added before Seattle hired Schneider. Carroll was given control over the roster and the on-field product. While the normal MFL way is for the general manager to oversee the head coach, this was never the Seahawks' way when Carroll was the head coach.

Sure, Schneider gave a lot of input on who Seattle kept and drafted and who was let go, but Schneider was more of the money guy. If Seattle could not afford to sign a free agent, the team wouldn't. That was out of Carroll's control because the team's financial situation made the final decision in that area.

Bo Melton should likely still be with the Seattle Seahawks

Carroll did have the final say over who made the team's active 53-man roster, and, in turn, who was relegated to the practice squad. In 2022, Seattle seemingly had a very good draft class - the team chose Charles Cross, Boye Mafe, Kenneth Walker III, Riq Woolen, and Abe Lucas - but one player not kept around from the draft might be one the Seahawks regret. Instead of keeping receiver Dareke Young on the team, Seattle could have stayed with Bo Melton.

Seventh-round pick Young spent last year mostly on injured reserve. While he has been solid on special teams, he only has two catches in his career, both in 2022. He is a bigger receiver without elite speed and is more of a possession-type role that Jake Bobo fills. Young plays hard, but that does not mean he should be on an active NFL roster.

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Melton was also a seventh-round choice who had less of a chance to make the Seahawks' active roster. He is extremely fast, but unless he were to play he wouldn't have gotten a chance to flash his skills. He eventually made the practice squad in Seattle, but then he was signed off the squad by the Packers and his career changed.

Last year, Melton finally got a chance to get some reps and became the first Green Bay receiver to have a game with over 100 receiving yards during 2023 when he had 105 yards against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 17. He had 62 more receiving yards in Week 18.

According to Lombardi Ave., Melton is almost a certain lock to make the Packers roster in 2024. Green Bay is an ascending team and apparently knows best how to use Melton. Pete Carroll and the Seahawks did not. Now, Dareke Young might not make Seattle's 2024 roster while Melton is on a team likely bound to make the postseason.

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