3 teams rumored to be interested in moving up to Seahawks pick 16 in 2024 NFL draft

Trading back in the draft makes sense for Seattle.
Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

General manager John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks has many times made trades in NFL drafts. This used to be because Seattle's roster was good enough where adding a higher pick would have been great, but moving back and adding more picks, and the depth of players those picks could bring, was more logical. In 2024, trading back makes sense for Seattle because they currently have the number 16 choice in the draft and then not another until round three.

While Seattle does have some talent on the roster, they have positions that need to be addressed by young players coming out of college who are perceived to have high-end talent. For instance, if Seattle could trade back to pick number 22 with the Green Bay Packers, then Seattle could also ask for Green Bay's number 41 selection as well.

Green Bay is one of the teams rumored to be interested in moving up to pick 16. This is according to Chad Forbes who has the X/Twitter handle of NFLDraftBites. In other words, you could choose to believe Forbes or not as he did tweet that one of the three teams was the Washington Commanders but Forbes used the Commanders' former nickname.

Seattle Seahawks need to add a second-round choice in the 2024 NFL draft

Still, while Forbes may or may not have inside intel on who actually wants to trade spots with the Seahawks - hence, the "rumor" instead of "reported" part of the headline - at least the Packers, Commanders, and the third team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are teams that would potentially make sense for Seattle.

The Packers and Buccaneers each have a selection in the 20s as well as second-round picks. Green Bay actually has two second-round selections so Seattle could try to get pick 41 or 58. Tampa Bay has choice 26 overall and then their second-round pick is 57. Picks 57 or 58 are not ideal, but they are still better than not having a second-round choice at all.

The Commanders are a bit trickier. They hold the number 2 selection but they aren't trading that pick for choice 16; that would be dumb. The next two picks Washington has are both in the second round - selections 36 and 40. Would Seattle think of trading completely out of the first round to pick up two choices in round two? That seems iffy.

The best-case scenario of all of those would be the Packers if the Seahawks can get choices 22 and 41. Again, Chad Forbes might be a sketchy "source," but his idea might accidentally be correct. Plus, at least Seattle would add a second-round pick.

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