I'm so thankful the Seahawks gave Drew Lock his chance (a turkey-induced fever dream)

Why start Drew Lock over Geno Smith? Seriously. Why?

Seattle Seahawks QBs Drew Lock and Geno Smith
Seattle Seahawks QBs Drew Lock and Geno Smith / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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A shocking number of 12s still say Drew Lock just needs a chance to start for the Seattle Seahawks. I have good reason to believe it would go poorly. And the Geno haters would still find a way to blame Smith.

One of my first thoughts this morning was about the Seahawks game today. Whether that's an occupational hazard or simply being a 12, I'm not sure. So, I sent this text to my brother in Hawkdom, Lee: "I kinda wish that Geno would sit this one out, just so we can be done with the 'Drew needs a chance' BS. But then, they'd just complain that Geno is soft, so..." "They" being the small cadre of 12s that for some reason have forgotten that Geno Smith has often been great, and Drew Lock has rarely shown that ability on the football field.

Yes, we'll get a little mathy, but not too mathy. Today, the only math to worry about is the time and temperature to hit the sweet spot for a tender turkey that isn't too dry. Hint: you should have brined it yesterday. And then there's the ratio of butter to taters for the best mashed potatoes. Oh, and the number of side dishes per pound of turkey. And then there's the - oh, sorry. Back to football.

The Seattle Seahawks do not want to see Drew Lock start

You'd think that would be obvious, right? I mean, if they wanted Lock to start, he would. A small but vocal cadre of 12s has clamored for Drew Lock to get his chance since late last season when Geno Smith's performance first dropped off. Since I wrote that article, Smith had an excellent game versus the Commanders (116.3 passer rating) and a mediocre game against the Rams (84.1 rating). Of course, Smith missed two series against Los Angeles, which gave Drew Lock the chance he needed to prove he could be the guy.

Let me preface this by again stating that I was happy the Seahawks re-signed Lock. I'd love it if he could step in for Smith and lead the Hawks to win after win and become the Seattle version of Earl Morrall. You kids will have to google him. But Lock simply shows no signs of that. His supporters point to the 63 yards passing he had versus the Giants. Somehow they forget that Noah Fant created 51 of those yards, abetted by a great block by DK Metcalf. They forget he was nearly picked off in that game.

What could we expect from Lock if he has to play the entire game against the Niners? Well, he's never played San Francisco, but the Chiefs had a good defense when Lock was the Broncos. In four games, he was 69-132 for 775 yards, two touchdowns and five picks. To his credit, he did score three rushing touchdowns, so that's pretty sweet. But he lost all four games: 23-3, 43-16, 22-16, and 28-24. in that last game, Lock was 12-24 for 162 yards but did score on the ground twice. Maybe if the Hawks run him exclusively in a single wing, they'd have a chance. Otherwise, no thanks.