Three Seattle Seahawks already getting disrespected in early Pro Bowl voting

I can understand none being voted in as a starter, but this is ridiculous!
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The halo effect is hurting the Seahawks chances

I don't think anyone would argue that Philadelphia strong safety Reed Blankenship doesn't deserve his votes. He's got 54 tackles, two interceptions, and has broken up six passes. Then again, he's allowed five touchdowns and a passer rating of 104.3. All this is via Pro Football Focus (paywall alert, sorry gang). PFF ranks him 19th among all safeties. Yet he sits second in Pro Bowl Voting. Don't worry, it gets worse. His free safety counterpart, Kevin Byard, is currently tenth in the voting.

PFF ranks him a lofty 46th in the league. He doesn't miss many tackles, I'll give him that - just 4.2 percent of his attempts. But maybe if he didn't allow 80.4 percent of targets for a passer rating of 110.9, he'd rank a little higher. Both players benefit from the halo of their team's record. It doesn't hurt that Philadelphia is the nation's seventh-largest metro area, either. They're both riding the coattails of Jalen Hurts, and that's the problem.

No, I'm not arguing that Jamal Adams or Quandre Diggs should make the Pro Bowl. But seriously, can someone please name 10 cornerbacks that they'd rather see on the field than Devon Witherspoon? PFF ranks him seventh among all cornerbacks. For that matter, are there really ten wide receivers better than DK Metcalf? Okay, maybe; he does have too many drops. But most egregious of all - at least in my mind - who are the 10 inside linebackers in the league who are better than Bobby Wagner?