Three signs that Seahawks could take Bijan Robinson in 2023 NFL draft

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Sign 1: Seahawks combination of Robinson and Walker would be deadly

The Seahawks have had to learn over recent years, unfortunately, that their running backs can get injured so much that they are left with backups of backups to start games. In 2022, Tony Jones, Jr. had to take significant snaps in a games because almost every other Seattle running back had been hurt. The situation was clearly not ideal.

But as we enter 2023, the only backs Seattle has on its roster as of right now are Walker, DeeJay Dallas, and Darwin Thompson. Thompson hasn't produced a statistic since 2020 so any reliance on him would be purely from a "we have literally no one left" kind of thing. Dallas is a solid backup but hasn't shown he is ready to take on many snaps as RB1 for consecutive games. This leaves only Walker that has proven he is capable of leading a rushing attack, but he still needs help.

Walker is an excellent back with breakaway speed. The problem is he isn't overly big. He is 5'9" and 210 pounds. That is fine for now but Seattle wants Walker to be good for years. One way to do that is to limit his punishment and keep him fresh. Adding another talented running back is a good way to keep Walker clean.

No matter if Seattle chooses Robinson or not in the draft, the Seahawks are very likely to take at least one running back in April. Since they going to do that, why not choose Robinson? That way both Walker and Robinson will stay fresh and should be hugely productive.