Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6

The Seattle Seahawks (3-1) take on the Bengals (2-3) in Week 6 in Cincinnati.
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Seattle running game needs to dominate

The second key to a Seattle Seahawks victory is to dominate the run game. This has been a theme all season long, but I'll stick with it. The Seattle running game has got to dominate from start to finish. Running back Kenneth Walker III has been one of the best in the NFL early this season. Let's continue to feed this man the ball and let him do his thing.

The Bengals have been awful against the run this season, allowing 770 yards (154 yards per game), 5.3 per average carry, and 4 touchdowns.

Let's not make this difficult. If we want to help keep the ball out of the hands of Chase and Higgins, we need to keep the defense off of the field by controlling the clock and running the ball. Let Walker and Zach Charbonnet feast in this game. Walker needs to see 25 carries while Charbonnet should get another 10-15. Keep running the ball until they stop us (and they won't). If you are a Walker fantasy owner, he is a must-start. The majority of 'start 'em sit 'em' sites have Walker as a top 10 guy.

The boy is about to go off. If he does, we should win this game.