Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6

The Seattle Seahawks (3-1) take on the Bengals (2-3) in Week 6 in Cincinnati.
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DK Metcalf needs to score two touchdowns

I get it, this final key to victory is a tad too specific, but hear me out. This game has all of the makings of a wide receiver showdown. Chase vs Metcalf. I can see this game getting into a shootout mode very quickly if the Bengals score early and fast putting Seattle on their heals and forcing us to abandon the run. It could happen, Burrow, Chase, and Higgins (Tyler Boyd if Higgins is out) are just that good.

Enter DK Metcalf. Should this game turn to a shootout, Metcalf will be leaned on to do all of the scoring. He is the best receiver on this team and has the ability (if he turns it on) to match whatever Chase brings to the table. The Bengals defense is not very good, and Smith should be able to throw all day in these guy if the game goes that way. Metcalf scoring 2 touchdowns would cover 13 of the 28 needed to beat this team.

In addition to Metcalf's contributions on the scoreboard, the Bengals will be forced to adjust or die, meaning that players like Tyler Lockett, Noah Fant, and rookie Jaxon Smith-Njigba will eventually see open field if the Bengals decide to doubl-team DK. This could be the week we finally see the rookie JSN get in the end zone. I am predicting Fant scores a touchdown.

As I mentioned, I HATE this matchup. If Seattle can control the clock with Walker and Charbonnet, and the defense can get after Burrow, I predict the Seahawks will win 28-17. If we can't stop the Burrow-Chase showtime, I predict the Bengals will win 35-21.

Let's go 12's! Get loud and make Burrow feel it.

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