Top 3 keys to victory for Seattle Seahawks versus Arizona Cardinals in Week 7

The Seattle Seahawks (3-2) take on the Arizona Cardinals (1-5) at home in a division rivalry game
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The Seahawks secondary needs to handle Marquise Brown and Michael Wilson

The third and final key to victory for Seattle is to find a way to contain wide receivers Marquise Brown and Michael Wilson. As mentioned, the Cards will be one-dimensional on Sunday and will look to move the ball through the air. The Cardinals have 2 solid tight ends but typically do the majority of their damage with Brown and Wilson.

Brown is the number 1 receiver in Arizona and could be elite on another team. Dude is fast, has great hands, and can get open. Wilson has been sensational at times this season (his rookie year). Both of these guys would benefit from better quarterback play, and better play calling. Neither receiver is that scary, so the Seattle secondary should be able to answer whatever these guys throw at them. This third key ties into the first and second key because in order for the Seahawks to stop them, they need to be real about who they are, and get after the guy throwing them the ball.

I predict that Brown will have 5 catches for 75 yards, and Wilson will have 4 catches for 60 yards. I do not see either player scoring a touchdown on Sunday.

Seattle has their best matchup of the season and at the perfect time too. I predict the Seahawks will win 31-10. Let's go Seahawks!

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